Selfie Station/Photo Booth Rental

Private room located off the main reception hall dedicated to the Selfie Station or Photo Booth.  Room includes 2 vintage doors with chalkboard and your choice of 2 additional cloth backdrops on each of the side walls.  Signs and props also included for added FUN!.

Unlimited use of the room with backdrops and props. 
$150 rental
3 hours use of the room with Open-Air Photo Booth and Chaperone provided by Studio 1534
$600 rental

Linen & Skirt Rental

All rental items will be dressed and ready on your table when you arrive for your Special Event!

Furniture Rental

Table Centerpieces

Select a complete centerpiece from the Gallery

or Build your own.

All rental centerpieces will be set up on your tables by our staff.

Build your own Centerpiece

Bases for your Centerpiece

Cream Stand w/ Eucalyptus
$6 each
Wood Stand
$3 each
Wood Sliver
$4 each
Rough Cut Wood Sliver
$4 each
Open Wood Lantern
$4 each
Silver Mat
$1 each
Gold Nest Mat
$1 each
Distressed Cream Base
$4 each
Wood Stand w/ Mirror
$6 each
$5 each
$2 each
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Table Numbers for your Centerpiece

Paper Table Numbers w/ Wood Stand
$.50 each
Block Table Numbers
$1 each
Wood Clip Table Numbers
$1 each
Silver Frame Table Numbers
$1 each
Stand Table Numbers
$1 each
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Candles for your Centerpiece

3 Tiered Cylinders
$9 for all three includes candles. Floating Candles available in white or ivory.
6 Birch Candle Holders
$8 for all holders complete with extended burn tealights.
Fish Bowl w/ Candle
$4 for fish bowl and floating candle. Candles available in white or ivory.
Large Flared Candle Holder
$4 for holder and floating candle. Candle available in white or ivory.
Galvanized Bucket w/ Candles
$10 for bucket and 3 floating candles. Candles available in white or ivory.
Wine Bottle and Glasses
$8 includes wine bottle with fairy lights and glasses with extended burn tealights.
Short Floating Candle Holder
$3 rental includes floating candle. Available in Ivory or White.
Tealight Holder
$1.50 each includes extended burn tealight candle.
Blue Frosted Holder
$3 rental includes votive candle.
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Live Flowers for your Centerpiece

Live Flower selections: Roses, Hydrangea, Daisy, Tulip, Sunflower, Peonies 
Greenery selection: Ruscus, Eucalyptus, Fern, Baby's Breath or Myrtle
Loose Cut Flowers
$8 for each centerpiece
Bushel Basket w/ Flowers
$15 each includes basket full of flowers.
Mason Jar w/ Flowers
$12 each includes mason jar with flowers.
Fish Bowl with Flowers
$12 each
3 Tiered Cylinders w/ Flowers
$10 includes 3 cylinders, candles, flowers and fillers.
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Artificial Flowers for your Centerpiece

Hydrangea in Fish Bowl
$8 each. Hydrangea available in Champagne, Light Pink, Slate Blue or Burgundy.
Eucalyptus Garland
$3 each
White Hydrangea in Bushel Basket
$8 each
White Hydrangea in Galvanized Bucket
$8 each
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Accessories for your Centerpiece

Mini Wood Slivers for Tealights
$.75 each (does not include candle)
Bride & Groom Figurine
$1 each
Bushel Basket
$3 each
4 qt Gavanized Bucket
$2 each
Wood Clip Picture Frames
$2 each
Love Birds
$2 a pair
Love Decor
$2 each
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Tableware Rental

All rental items will be dressed and ready on your table when you arrive for you Special Event!

Decor Rental

Altar Design

The Crystal Coop offers Altar Decor for the Outside Altar, Covered Porch Altar and Indoor Altar.  You select the Fabric Design, Chandelier and Floral Arrangement you like best, and we will have them customized to fit your color theme. 
*Floral Arrangements will be designed by Dandelions Floral Shop*
Outdoor Altar decorating $350 (includes fabric and flowers)
Covered Porch Altar decorating $350 (includes fabric and flowers)
Indoor Altar decorating $275 (includes fabric and flowers)

The "Daeja" Altar

 Includes a Large Center Flower Arrangement.  Polyester Fabric available in White, Ivory, or Burgundy.  Also, available in White Satin

The "Katie" Altar

Includes 2 Medium  Floral Arrangements or 25 ft Eucalyptus Garland.  Polyester Fabric available in White, Ivory or Burgundy.  Also, available in White Satin.

The "Alexis" Altar

Includes a Large Centered Floral Arrangement or 2 Medium  Arrangements.  Available in White, Ivory or White Lace.

The "Kennedy" Altar

Includes 2

Different Sized Floral Arrangements.  Available in White, Ivory or Burgundy.  Also, available in White Satin.

The "Sophia" Altar

Includes 2

Medium Sized Arrangements.  Available in White Satin.

The "Boho" Altar

Seasonal Decor