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Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Questions

How to contact someone at the venue?

We are out of the office on Tuesdays unless there is a special event that takes place.  We are usually in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and try to make contact with our guests on these days.  A member of our staff will be on-site Wednesday thru Sunday, but may be out working with our booked events or preparing the facility for an upcoming event.  We will do our best to return any phone calls or emails as quickly as possible.  Since we are also responsible for setting up events, cleaning up events and working events we prefer email as our primary source of communication.  Thank you for your grace and understanding.  

email address:

When can I tour the facility?

We try to host tours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 11am-7pm.  We will provide tours on the weekends, but times are very limited due to booked events.  Please click here to BOOK YOUR TOUR or email us at

What is your max occupancy?

Our maximum occupancy is 225 to still allow room for a dance floor.  We suggest any event over 200 guests sit 9 guests at our round tables instead of 8 to increase available floor space.  The Crystal Coop now offers an enclosed porch in the winter months for ceremonies.  We suggest for comfort the max ceremony seating in the enclosed porch be 160-180 max. 

What time do I get the Facility for my Wedding?

Friday Crystal Package- You may select your 8 hours anytime between 9am-Midnight

Saturday Crystal Package- You may select your 8 hours anytime between 11am-Midnight

Sunday Emerald Package- You may select your 8 hours anytime between 11am-Midnight

Diamond Package- You may select your 6 hours the day before the Wedding anytime between 1pm-Midnight for rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and decorating, then the day of the Wedding you have the facility from 9am-Midnight.

What Wedding Package would I use for a Monday-Thursday Wedding?

We honor our Sunday Emerald Wedding Package and pricing for Monday-Thursday Weddings.

Do the hours included in my rental package need to include set-up and clean-up?

Yes, the number of hours included in your package must include all time needed to prepare for your Wedding as well as clean up from your Wedding.

What furniture is included in my rental package?

All packages will include use of the following:

25- 5 foot round guest tables

10- 7 foot Guest Farm Tables

4- Head Table Farm Tables

2- 8 foot rectangular banquet tables

6- 6 foot rectangular banquet tables

3- 4 foot rectangular banquet tables

4- skinny 6 foot banquet tables

250- White Chaivari chairs with cushions for indoors

250- White Chaivari folding chairs for outside

1- Whiskey Barrel Cocktail table on wheels

1- 6 foot rustic Farm Table on wheels

Will there be someone on-site during our event?

Yes, every event will have a Chaperone on-site during your entire event.

What does your Chaperone do?

All events at The Crystal Coop will have a chaperone.  A chaperone is not to be confused with a Wedding Coordinator.  The chaperone is onsite to keep the facility clean and well stocked during your event.  They are also responsible for maintaining a safe atmosphere for all guests.  Chaperones are willing to aid in some light duties during the event if needed.   A chaperone is not expected to perform all the tasks of a Wedding Coordinator. 

What is Wedding Coordinator?

The Crystal Coop does offer a Day of Wedding Coordinator for an additional fee.  The Coordinator will attend meetings and a rehearsal prior to the Wedding to discuss Timelines, Vendors, Bridal Parties, Ceremonies and Needed Services.  The Coordinator will work with all vendors the day of the Wedding ensuring they are set up in the proper location and on time with their services.  The Coordinator will also aid in additional services such as ceremony direction, cake cutting, decorating and clean up.

Will I meet with the venue staff prior to the Wedding?

Absolutely!  We look forward to meeting personally with each of our guests.  Any package you have selected will require at least one in-person meeting.  This meeting will usually take place 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding.  If you want to meet earlier just get in contact with us and we can schedule something earlier.  The meeting will take around 1-1.5 hours and we will discuss your timeline, floorplan, vendors, services and any last minute rentals that may be needed.  If you choose to take advantage of our Platinum Service you will have a total of 3 meetings with our design coordinator.  We like to try and have the first Platinum planning meeting 6 months prior to the Wedding, but can accommodate with less notice.

What is ready for me when I arrive for my Wedding?

All of our Packages will include a final meeting to discuss your floor plan.  The Crystal Coop staff will have your tables and chairs set according to your floor plan developed at your final meeting.  All banquet tables included in a Wedding Package  will be finished off with ironed linens in the color of your choice.  Linens are not included in The Get Together or The Celebration Package.  Additional decor may be set up for you if you decide to take advantage of one or our convenient services including The Gold Service or Platinum Service.

Do you offer Farm Tables?

Yes, we have 10 beautiful 7-foot farm tables that may be used as guest tables, food tables or gift tables.  We also offer 4 Head Table farm tables, both may be incorporated into your floor plan for no additional fee.

Who will set up the ceremony chairs?

The staff of The Crystal Coop will set up your ceremony chairs.  This is started 2 hours prior to your ceremony due to the possibility of altar location changes due to weather.  Staff will be scheduled to specifically set up and tear down ceremony chairs in addition to your on-site Chaperone.  If you are decorating your ceremony aisle and need help with spacing, the Chaperone will be happy to set up the inner row of chairs prior to the chair staff arriving.  

What do I need to do to clean up after my event?

We ask that you remove all your decorations, remove food and drinks from kitchen and clean up your suites.  There is a dumpster on-site for trash removal.

Do you allow sparkler send offs?

Yes, but we only allow it on the front sidewalk.  We ask that the chaperone is notified before the send off takes place so they are able to assist in guest safety and proper disposal of the sparklers. 

Do you allow a live flame candle?

Yes, we do allow a live flame.  We ask that the staff of The Crystal Coop is permitted to light the candles so we can ensure all flammable items are safely away from any open flames.

Am I allowed to bring my own decorations?

Yes, but we have a few restrictions listed in our contract.    

* Live candles are welcome, but candle wax must be contained.

* No tacks or nails put in our walls.  Please use command strips or tape

* No tape on our painted floors.

* No loose confetti or glitter inside or outside the facility

*  Live flowers or something biodegradable must be used outside for ceremonies.  

Be sure to check out what I Do Rentals has to offer before spending a lot of money on one time use decorations.

What happens if I do not abide by the contract guidelines?

Not following the guidelines given to you in your contract may keep you from getting your Security Deposit returned to you in full. 


Excessive cleaning needed following your event.

Damage to the venue that is beyond our repair such as a broken window or piece of furniture.

Lost or damaged rental items.

Cigarettes in excess found in the landscaping or in the non-smoking areas of the property.

What can the Flower Girl use at The Crystal Coop?

We ask that all outdoor ceremonies use biodegradable items including live flower petals.  If you do not use live petals, you must have someone from your event prepared to pick up all the petals as soon as the ceremony finishes or you may be charged a clean-up fee from your Security Deposit.  If you are having an indoor ceremony either in the reception hall or on the enclosed porch you may use fake petals.

Is smoking allowed and where?

Yes, we do have smoking areas on the property including the front of the parking lot or the back patio off the Wedding Suite.  You may also choose to allow smoking at the pergola near the fire pit.  There is no smoking allowed on the covered porch or in the ceremony yard. Excessive cigarette butts left in landscaping or parking lot may result in your being charged a cleaning fee from your Security Deposit.

When do you enclose and/or open the side porch?

We enclose the side porch the last week in October giving colder weather Weddings that opportunity to host their ceremony or cocktail hour in the comfort of the enclosed porch.  The enclosures will come down sometime in April depending on weather predictions.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, all well behaved, friendly and potty-trained pets are welcome.  We ask if a pet is going to be in the Bridal Suites unattended they are in a crate.  

Do we need to bring ice?

No, we are equipped with an ice machine on site.

Who should I contact to purchase Special Event Liability Insurance?

Our recommended vendor is:

Gooding Brown & Company Inc.

Phone: 765-642-9949 


Vendor Questions

Do you require Weddings to use your vendors?

We have highly recommended our experienced vendors.  Our vendors are familiar with the venue and help in providing a stress free event.  You are able to go outside our vendors with another business, but you will be charged a $100 usage fee for using an outside food caterer or DJ service due to wear and tear on that facility.

Can we provide our own food?

Yes, we do allow event to provide their own family prepared food.  Please remember our kitchen does not include cooking equipment.  The kitchen is equipped with a warming station, commercial refrigerator and ice machine.

Do you allow outside Coordinators?

Yes, you may bring in an outside coordinator.

How can I meet your vendors?

We host a Wedding Expo each year at The Crystal Coop the first Saturday in March.  This is a great opportunity to come in person and personally meet all our vendors and see their work.  All of our booked brides will receive 3 free tickets to enter the expo as our VIP Guests.  The expo is also open to the public with an admission fee.  Our vendor list is always available on our website.  Click view our VENDOR LIST

What time can my vendors get into the venue?

We ask that you schedule your vendors arrival based on your rental times of the venue.  The facility will not be staffed or unlocked until your rental times begin.

Bar Services

Can we provide our own Bartender?

No, all bar services must be provided by our licensed bartenders.  The Crystal Coop offers both an open bar and cash bar option.  Click here to view bar service details.  2022 BAR SERVCIE FLYER

Can your staff refuse to serve my guest?

Yes, it is the responsibility of our licensed bartenders to maintain a fun, yet safe atmosphere.  They do have the right to refuse service to someone obviously intoxicated or showing signs of aggrevation.

Is security required during my Wedding?

No, not at this time.

Can I bring liquor into the Wedding Suites?

No, liquor is not legally permitted on the premise by Excise Law.  The Wedding party assumes this responsibility if Excise was to visit the venue and could be faced with a fine.

Can I bring any items into the Wedding Suites prior to  our bar service starting?

Yes, your permit will cover you the entire time you are on premise on your Wedding Day.  Items that are legally carried into the facility would include beer and wine items only.  You are also able to purchase our specialty drinks to consume in the Wedding Suites since they are made with a wine based liquor. 

What can be included with a Beer and Wine Permit?

Items like Truly, White Claw, Mike's Lemonades, Twisted Teas, wines and champagnes are legal for your bar service.  You are also able to add our specialty drinks that are made with wine based liquors and are always a crowd favorite!

How many drinks can I get from one gallon of your Specialty Drinks?

A gallon of our specialty drinks will serve around 30-32 glasses.

Can I request my own specialty drink outside your items listed?

Yes, give us your ingredients and we would be happy to make you your own custom drink.  Pricing of these will depend on the ingredients included.  We offer the following wine-based liquors: Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila and Triple Sec 

Do I need to bring ice or coolers for my beer and wine?

No, we are equipped with an ice machine on-site and will stock your products and ice them down in our coolers.  

Do I need to supply all the cups for the bar service?

No, the bar service packages include cups, bar napkins, straws and garnishments for all drinks.  

Can I have a bar on the patio?

Absolutely!  We are able to set up an outside bar for pre-ceremony, cocktail hour or all evening as a secondary bar. 

Will it cost me more for a cocktail hour bar on the patio?

The only additional cost would come from overlapping hours of bar service that would require an additional bartender.  

Can cars be left overnight?

Yes, but we do ask that they be removed from the property by 12pm the following day to ensure they do not interfere with the next days booked event.


Who will bus my tables?

This is something you want to make sure is taken car of during your Wedding and is often forgotten.  The Crystal Coop offers a Gold Service complete with china, silverware, cloth napkins, water glass and pitchers.  This service also includes a wait staff to setup your tableware, bus during the event and clean up tableware at the end of the evening.  If you choose not to use the Gold Service, but need someone to bus plates you may hire our staff for $30 per employee per hour.  

This is also a service you want to discuss with your food caterer.  Some of the catering packages come complete with table busing.

Do you have staff to help during the Wedding?

You are able to hire our experienced staff for $30 per hour per employee.  Our staff is able to assist with stocking buffets, busing dishes, cutting cake and decorating.  

Can you decorate my Altar?

Yes, we offer several altar designs complete with fabric and live flowers.  Flowers are designed by a local professional and installed along with your choice of fabric by the staff of The Crystal Coop for $350.  You may also have the experienced staff of The Crystal Coop install fabric options only for $75.

Do you provide a complete decorating service?

Yes, we have a service call the Platinum Service.  This service allows the Bridal Party to have fun selecting all their decorations, while allowing our staff to do all the work of setting it up and tearing it down.  The Crystal Coop has a sister company named "I Do" Rentals that offers hundreds of decor items.  Platinum clients get to come to our rental showroom and personally build their centerpieces and table settings with our design consultants.  Click here to see more information on the Platinum Service


Are "I Do" Rentals decorations exclusive to The Crystal Coop?

Yes, we only rent our decorations out to events or weddings booked at The Crystal Coop..  You may view these rental items on our rentals page.  

What is "I Do" Rentals?

We are proud to announce the opening of our Sister Company "I Do" Rentals.  This is a rental service that offers hundreds of rentals items for all your decor needs.  Why get stuck with a lot of expensive decor when you can rent it for a fraction of the price?  "I Do" Rentals has a showroom location on the property of The Crystal Coop at:

3400 W 53rd Street

Anderson, IN 46011

What is a workshop at "I Do" Rentals?

"I Do" has banquet tables and a farm table on-site allowing you to come for a workshop and build your table settings as well as your own custom centerpieces.  There is no fee to schedule a workshop with one of our experiences design consultants.  Showroom visits are by appointment only.  Contact us at: or call 765-393-3020

Will the items I rent from "I Do" Rentals be at The Crystal Coop when I arrive?

Yes, there is free delivery for our Brides at The Crystal Coop.

What if I rent from "I Do" Rentals?  Will all the decor be set up?

Crystal Coop guests will receive free deliver from "I Do" Rentals, but the decor will not be setup unless you hire our staff or purchase the Platinum Service.  You may view I Do Rentals items on our website at

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