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Available dates and times for Micro Weddings

2022 Dates

Sunday, July 24th  1pm-4pm 
Sunday, July 31st  6pm-9pm
Wednesday, August 3rd    Noon-3pm or 5pm-8pm 
Friday, August 5th  1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm 
Sunday, August 21st  1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm 
Wed, September 7th   Noon-3pm or 5pm-8pm 
Friday, September 9th   11am-2pm
Friday, October 28th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Friday, November 25th    1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Friday, December 2nd    2pm-5pm or 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, December 7th    Noon-3pm or 5pm-8pm
Friday, December 9th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Friday, January 6th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm

2023 Dates

Saturday, January 7th   1pm-4pm or 7pm-10pm
Friday, January 20th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Saturday, January 21st   1pm-4pm or 7pm-10pm
Friday, February 17th   7pm-10pm
Saturday, February 18th   7pm-10pm
Sunday, February 19th   1pm-4pm
Friday, March 10th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Saturday, March 11th   1pm-4pm or 7pm-10pm
Friday, April 7th   1pm-4pm or 6pm-9pm
Saturday, April 8th   1pm-4pm or 7pm-10pm
** Additional 2023 dates will be posted later in the year**

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